What does TOUCH mean?  The word TOUCH is a noun and also a verb.  It has several meanings, not just as a noun, but as a verb as well.

The following is just a few meanings of TOUCH as a verb listed in dictionary.com:

1. To cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel: reached out and touched the smooth stone.

2. To bring (one thing) into light contact with something else: grounded the radio by touching a wire to it.

3. To press or push lightly; tap: touched 19 on the phone to get room service.

4. To lay hands on in violence: I never touched him!

5. To eat or drink; taste: She didn’t touch her food.

6. To disturb or move by handling: Just don’t touch anything in the room!

7. To affect the emotions of; move to tender response: an appeal that touched us deeply.

TOUCH is also the name of the tailoring shop my parents used to own in a small town in the Philippines.  The shop was the front room of our house, which was at a corner of a busy intersection – a good spot for a business like ours.  At the front of the shop was a big glass-covered window box where my parents displayed pants and shirts.  There was a sign that said TOUCH Tailoring.  Inside the shop was a big wooden table my father used as a cutting table.  There were three sewing machines, which my mother and a couple hired people used to sew the pants and polo shirts.  My parents ran a successful tailor shop.  People knew us because we were the only tailor shop in town.  They actually referred to my parents as Mr. and Mrs. Touch.

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