February 2, 2006. Thursday.

I went to the office today to attend a townhall meeting. I met up with some friends before the meeting started. MissEm was there and I knew that she just moved to a new house. I asked her how much she got from the sale of her old house. I just wanted to have an idea if I’ll get any money if and when I sell our house. I figured that if I could only pay off my $10,000 debt (line of credit and borrowing account) of which I pay around $400.00 a month, I could probably be able to afford raising the kids on my own if we rent an apartment. MissEm said that she got some money but she asked the bank to keep it in her account. But she also said that when she totaled her expenses from the purchase of her new house, it was just like break-even. And I don’t know how it will work out with me because I won’t be buying another house.

But then again, nanghihinayang din ako dito sa bahay. We’ve been paying for the mortgage for about 11 years now. We’re almost halfway in paying for this (25 years to pay).

Also, my middle guy is having his Confirmation and my youngest one, his First Communion, this year. The catechism coordinator has always reminded us during the parents’ meetings that we have to make these special occasions memorable for the children. And I’m worried that if I separate from H, my kids’ memories of these important events in their life would be, “It’s the year my mom and dad separated.” (?) How awful is that?